“Dancing with Kumu June and my hula sisters, I feel like I'm reconnecting with nature, mother earth, as well as with my body and mind. I'm surprised that I can tell stories through dancing with beautiful hula music. Here, I feel no shame for making mistakes, because I'm learning to be patient with myself and with each other. Step by step, I learn, enjoy, and feel by heart everything from the meaning of songs to embodying each general and very detailed movements.”

- Shu-Ping Tseng, Oak Park, IL

“Halau i Ka Pono helped me embrace my love of dance. Through the hula experience, Iʻve gained a much higher level of mind and body  connection. This has brought me a tremendous amount of joy.”

- Yuka Fujita, Chicago, IL

“Learning hula at Halau i Ka Pono is not only about dancing. I appreciate that Kumu June gives us the opportunity to learn many things such as Hawaiian spirit that appreciate the laws of nature and its history through hula. Also you can meet many great hula sisters here and enjoy dancing with them. We are all “Ohana” (family) here!”

- Junko Kobayashi, Chicago, IL

"I have been dancing hula for 30 years. I moved to Oak Park two years ago. I cannot believe how blessed we are to have a kumu (teacher) here who is so well trained and, perhaps even more rare, carries true aloha - respect, compassion, patience and appreciation of souls, as well as a bond with the land."      

- Cynthia Ohata MD, Oak Park, IL

"I am grateful to be a part of the Halau i Ka Pono ‘ohana (family)! My love for Hawaii and its culture after traveling there some years ago has brought me here. Kumu June is a spirited and compassionate instructor and ensures that you not only learn the steps and dynamics of each dance but also the meaning and intention that inspired it. I enjoy learning and then sharing the art of hula with others. Mahalo (thank you) to Kumu June, my hula sisters, and new community of friends!"

- Clare Martin, River Grove, IL

"I've known Kumu June for several years now, and have studied hula with her consistently over the past several months. I've also attended several hula events at Halau I Ka Pono, and it is my experience that the emphasis is on keeping the Hawaiian culture alive, and in particular, Kumu June's hula lineage through her kumu, Michael Pang.

Her style of teaching is gentle and encouraging. She is very good at breaking down the basic steps, so they are easy to learn. Her corrections are exacting, but are given with aloha, and very often with humor. I once observed her working with a guest student who had Alzheimers. Kumu June's gentle way of teaching someone who had challenges processing information made it an enjoyable class for all of us.

Most importantly, Kumu June's dedication and love of hula shines through all her teaching."

- Lisa Kinolau Alamar, Elmwood Park, IL

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