Meditation, La’au Lapa’au and Reiki

Zen Meditation


There are different levels to the practice of Hula.  One level is spiritual.  Meditation is a wonderful way to strengthen and deepen that spiritual experience.  Our minds can be very busy and create a lot of suffering if gone unchecked. Meditation helps to work with our minds skillfully.  And it helps to integrate and weave the many strands of our lives: family, work, hula into a beautiful lei of aloha.

Meditation is not about stopping thinking.  Rather it’s a way of touching something that is beyond words, something that is whole and complete.  It requires courage and heart.  And in the process, you will connect and open to your own wisdom and the wisdom of Hula.

If you are interested in learning how to meditate, The Zen Life and Meditation Center (the Halau’s sister organization) has a wonderful Primer Series of classes on living a Zen-inspired life of openness, empathy and clarity with a foundation of mindfulness meditation.  That translates well to living a hula-inspired life of grace, strength and aloha.



La’au Lapa’au

La'au lapa'au

La’au Lapa’au is the study of healing through spirituality and native Hawaiian medicinal plants.  La’au Lapa’au practitioners were the medical doctors of old Hawaii.  June Tanoue studied for five years with master La’au Lapa’au practitioner, Papa Henry Allen Auwae.  Papa Henry always said that healing was 80% spiritual and 20% the plants.

Papa Henry had five expectations of his students, along with understanding and embodying the concepts of pono, lokahi, discernment and forgiveness. Today, all of these concepts are important to practice in daily life for anyone who seriously studies hula with Kumu June.

These five expectations are:

  • Ho’olohe – to listen
  • Ho’omakaukau – to be prepared
  • Ho’omaika’i/akahai – to respect all
  • Ho’olauna i ka mea maika’i – to sacrifice
  • Ho’omanawanui – to be patient





People use Reiki for relaxation, stress reduction, and symptom relief, in an effort to improve overall health and well-being. Reiki has been used by people with anxiety, chronic pain, HIV/AIDS, and other health conditions, as well as by people recovering from surgery or experiencing side effects from cancer treatments.  Reiki is a wonderful complementary healing method.  It is safe and effective.

According to the National Institute of Health’s National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Reiki is a healing practice that originated in Japan. Reiki means “spiritual and universal life energy.”   This energy isa part of us and describes our innate healing abilities.

Practitioners help a person balance and heal themselves.  Reiki practitioners place their hands lightly on or just above the person receiving treatment.

Current Reiki practice can be traced to Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan during the early 20th century. Usui's teachings included meditative techniques and healing practices. One of Usui's students, Chujiro Hayashi, further developed the healing practice and taught an American from Hawaii named Hawayo Takata.  Takata introduced it to Western cultures in the late 1930’s.

June Tanoue is a Master Teacher and Practitioner in the Usui Tradition of Reiki certified by Rose Mattax, LCPC of Forest Park, IL in 2006.


Reiki Testimonials

I am a three-time cancer survivor, so an ear infection should not have been my final straw, but it was. No, actually it was the doctor telling me that my ear would not heal and that surgery would be necessary that finally made me say, “Hey, there’s got to be another way.” I mean, my head is the one part of myself I have left that remains untouched and intact and no one’s going in there!

I had been attending the meditation center for a few classes with my husband, and mindfulness was slowly sinking in. And June had such a calming way about her…why not try a reiki treatment. So I signed up for one, and let me tell you the truth…


June has not only the healing touch but the power to allow you to heal yourself. At least that’s what she kept telling me. She was the catalyst, but I had the power within me to generate the healing. Uh-huh, you are thinking…I know that’s what I was thinking…but it’s true. I had five sessions and with each session the ear changed – no miracle cure – but things got better.


Now you are probably wondering if that was all I was doing and admittedly it was not. I was meditating, getting proper sleep, exercising, eating right, practicing yoga and I even was trying EFT (emotional freedom technique). I was beginning to lead a healthier lifestyle. I was taking charge of my own healing. And it worked! My ear is now 100% and yes, I can still hear your disbelief.


June is someone extremely special. Her whole demeanor is one of calmness and belief in self. I don’t know why the reiki treatments worked, but they did. Give it a try. At the very least you will leave feeling totally transformed and relaxed and hey, you just may save yourself a doctor’s visit.


Believe in it…and yourself!    - Deborah Hogan, Chicago

For some years I've gotten run down and sick easily. Then I suffered a personal shock, and became exhausted and 'flat.' Since doing reiki with June, I've felt more clear and resilent. I've tried other therapies, but nothing makes me feel as positive, confident, an balanced in mind and body. -Dan G., Berwyn

Immediately following the treatment, I climbed the stairs to reach my apartment and realized that my arthritic knees were not aching. Yeah!  I certainly didn’t expect that. In the days following treatment, I tried to pay very close attention to my body, and my emotional state.  My sinus and digestive systems seemed to purge themselves for a couple of days.  This left me feeling healthier than I have for a long time.  The past year and a half have been very challenging. I went through several biopsies, surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  Just a week before the Reiki session I was in a serious auto accident.  I believe that the Reiki has helped me find balance again, and I believe that my immune system is working more efficiently as a result of the treatment.  I believe I am healingand am on the road to recovery, and I feel hopeful and happy .-Theresa Gilbert, Berwyn, IL.


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