Halau i Ka Pono


Hula is the art of Hawaiian dance expressing all that we see, hear, taste, touch, and feel.

It is the main practice at Halau i Ka Pono, our hula school. Halau translates as “meeting house or place of learning,” and i Ka Pono means “of goodness, well-being, righteousness.”  Another way to say this is “place to cultivate the goodness.”  The purpose is to teach indigenous Hawaiian culture and stories through the joy of dance.

Hula and healing go hand in hand.  The dance is a wonderful way to strengthen and get energy moving in the core muscles of the body.  It connects us to the grounding energy of the earth and opens us to the warm spirit of Aloha.  There are elements of mindful centering, flowing and breath-work involved in this Native Hawaiian dance form.   All ages can benefit.

There are weekly classes in Chicago.  Beginners are welcome! 

Here’s what students say of Kumu June and her classes:

I love this class.  It's like a little Hawaiian vacation. It's beautiful, peaceful, feminine, sweet, gentle exercise, and it makes me smile. June, who teaches, is from Hawaii and is very sweet.  Julie Peterson, Chicago, IL

I love June Tanoue's hula class because it is both hard and soft, fun and serious, gentle and invigorating.  As a cancer survivor it feels so good to be getting in touch with my body.   Susan Dickson, Chicago, IL

I started dancing hula with Kumu June to get in touch with my Hawaiian upbringing. I have lived in NYC for more than half of my life, so I often miss the wisdom and beauty of the islands. Hula allows me to connect with these principles and practices in a deeply embodied and spiritual way. Kumu June's holistic discipline of hula honors not just the steps and gestures of song and dance, but also the poetic grace and epic power of nature that the hula spirit beholds.   John-Mario Sevilla, New York, NY

Kumu June studied with Kumu Hula Michael Pili Pang and Halau Hula Ka No’eau on the Big Island of Hawaii, the island of her birth.  She also studied la'au lapa'au, Hawaiian spiritual healing with herbs, with Henry Allen Auwae. The la'au lapa'au practitioners were the medical doctors in old Hawaii.  Kumu June is also a fully empowered Zen Buddhist priest and Zen teacher in the White Plum Lineage, and Reiki master teacher and practitioner.  She has a Master’s in Public Health Nutrition and worked in non-profit organizations for over 30 years. Click here to read more about Kumu June.

Kumu Hula, June Tanoue
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